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Just Wanted To Say Goodbye...


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This is soooo hard to say... but after 6 years of having a website I've decided to let mine go. I will be closing the doors to my site in August.


This has absolutely nothing to do with TCH.... TCH is the best host I've ever had. I've recommended and will continue to recommend TCH to anyone who asks about webhosting!


Sometime down the road I may decide to open a website again and I will be sure to come back to TCH. TCH is my home and my family!! :dance:


So long family! This has been a great experience... Thumbs Up


Rock Sign

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Very sorry to see you go. Come around any time, if for nothing else than to sy hi.


If I may ask, why have you decided to close the e-doors?

Sure... I run a graphics site and make graphics for members to download. I've run out of inspiration, patience, etc to make new stuff and just don't feel right not updating my site. I feel as tho my members are suffering.


I'm also looking for a job and that will take even more away from my computer time.

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I am sorry to see you leave. :( Its been nice to have you as a sister. :D

But as long as you promise to come back to say "Hi" every now and then...


You go and have a happy n´great life now and we will be here waiting for you anytime you feel for it.



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CHARLOTTE!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!! You've got me in tears here. We've been through so much together over the years. You can't leave! Just take a break for now. You know I've just gone through that *burn out* phase, but I survived and came back, and you will too! Don't leave us :D

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