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How To Set Up A 'read-only' Mailing List


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This is probably very simple, but I went through all the mailman options and didn't see the options i was looking for.


Is it possible for me to set up a mailing list in which only one person (or a few people) can post announcements to whoever is subscribed to the mailing list -- but not allow any posts from the subscribers? Basically just an annoucement list.


I see how to customize the html of the listinfo page so that I can leave out instructions on how to send a message to the list, and I know I can also remove that info from the footer of the list messages.


I thought I could set up an auto-responder with a discard for any incoming messages, but then realized it would reject those posted by the people sending the announcements.


Can I use the emergency moderation feature? If so, will the moderator(s) have to go in and approve whatever they've posted before it's sent out?


AND -- (there's always more) -- on a second note, I need to set up a simple 'join mailing list' form on their page -- should i just do a link to the listinfo page where they can subscribe, or could i alternately use a text field and submit their email address to the list somehow? (i'm not positive i know how to do that, but i know you can... not mailto: but another way to send an email directly to the list with the content 'subscribe foo@bar.com' or whatever...)




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If it's not too late, I recommend using DadaMail instead of mailman. It is waaaay easier to use, more professional looking to both administrators and users. I use both systems, so I can speak from experience. It has easy signup, double opt-in, and a nice clean interface.


The default DadaMail setup is announce-only, which sounds like what you want.


My two cents. Good luck!


-- Dave

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