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I have used a couple of different Linksys WAPs and all have performed flawlessly. I've connected Gateway laptops with built-in WiFi G, Dells with their WiFi B card, a Compaq Armada with a Cisco 340 WiFi card (actually a XCircom brand but it's the same thing), and a Sony Clie NX70V with a Sony WL100 Compact Flash WiFi card. I haven't seen any problems (that weren't user induced ;) !!)


Hey Larry, what's the firmware alternative you mentioned? I didn't know there was an alternative to the standard Linksys firmware.

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I've seen the website for sveasoft. Interesting stuff. I'm concerened about the GPL issues tho. I would hate to flash my router with this code, then have sveasoft disappear and all support with them.

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