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Keep Your Fingers Crossed For Us Please


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Its an open discussion so I take the opportunity...


My little girl, Ginnie, in avatar is ill.

She has been unwell since Saturday. Today we called the local vet who said it sounds like an emergency and we should rush to the animal E.R. A little while ago Ginnie and her mommy rushed away. The symptoms are swollen stomach, bubbeling and like 50% of her normal activity.

Ok, it can be as simple as constipation, but when a doc (vet in her case) says its an emergency, you get worried.


Can I please ask everyone to keep the fingers crossed that all goes well.


Ginnie, I love you. :heart

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Oh Thomas, I'm so very sorry. I still grieve for every one of my guinea pigs that I've lost over the years. I know nothing can make it better, but what comforts me is the belief in the Rainbow Bridge, and that they're all there with my other pets who've gone ahead, happy and waiting for the day I'll be with them.



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If hopes and wishes were those real I would have asked all family members to wish her Get Well Soon.


Sorry to hear about that, but we all still infact i do kept my fingers crossed, after all she is taken care by a very active and energetic member of our family.


May god give this another chance.


My wishes are with Her.


Take Care of her and Yours too.


Cheer up, we really always need Thomas to be as Cheerful as he's always been!!!!

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Thank you everyone. :hug:


Ginnie is now home and with her friend, Piggie. She looks active for the moment, but does not want to eat. The E.R vet gave her some shots, basically antibiotics and fluids, to help her through the night. Antibiotics were given to fight eventual extra diseases that may be symptoms in this.


There might be a chance that she survives this even if its just 0.01% chance. The E.R vet was not an expert on guinea pigs, so she could not be 100% sure this was as bad as it sounded at first. I think though she may be correct, after all she knows vet stuff and cancertumours (not sure I spelled that correct) must be same on any animal.


Anyway, Ginnie will see her ordinary vets tomorrow which are experts on guinea pigs. I and Jessica, Ginnies mommy and also known as Marve here in forum has discussed it and unless the ordinary vets can give us 100% that Ginnie will be ok...you know the rest.

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Bless your heart. I know Ginnie is special to you and Piggie.

Pets bring joy and unexpected foolishness into our lives. The time we have them is too short and should be treasured.


Unfortunately, my experience with rabbits and other small animals is that even when you get a terrific vet, the animals just can't rally around well. They just don't have the resources to fall back on. I lost rabbits to ear and teeth infections even though each were caught quickly and treated very well by vets.


You and your special animals are in my thoughts and prayers. Miracles still happen.... With so many good wishes you just never know what can happen!



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Thomas and Jessica, I am so sorry.

I know what you are going through.

When I lost my Cat in February, you were a great comfort to me.


Our pets are like family and it is so hard to see them go.

Their life with us is way too short.

And each time we lose one

it is just as hard

as each one is very special to us.


They have a way of nestling their way into our hearts and making us laugh and smile.

They help to keep us calm and show us unconditional love.


I keep a pic of my cat above the computer to look at and remember.

It took a while before I could look at the pic and smile.

And I have my beloved Smidget as part of my avatar so I will always see him and smile as well.


My prayers go out to you and Jessica for Guinnie and Piggie as well for this will be so hard for Piggie too.

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;) I know your Ginnie will be missed greatly.

I am so sorry for your loss Thomas.



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Thomas -


I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how much you love your babies, and how well you care for them every single day. It is hard to let them go, even when they've been ill. I still ache for my Clancy even though I know she's not suffering any longer.


My condolences to your little family from my little family.


Beth & Baxter

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I just returned from vacation so I'm a bit behind on the news. I'm so sorry for your loss of a dear friend. It's not much consolation but if she was in pain and suffering then that has ended. It's always preferred that our sick friends get better, of course, and I'm saddened that Ginny was not able to be healthy and with you for a longer time.

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Wow, so many replies, this proves family sticks together and are there for each other when something happens. :blink:


First of all I would like to say...

Thank you each and everyone for all your support this week. I cant go around the world giving you all a individual hug so it will have be this way :hug: .


This week has been one of the toughest since my grandma died many years ago.

Those who say pets do not become loved family members are so wrong. I and Jessica have two guinea pigs, the other one is called Piggie. When Ginnie left us I knew it was gonna be tough, but not this tough. I felt so bad inside me, so did Jessica too when seeing Piggie running around looking for Ginnie in the evening the day Ginnie left us. And there I and Jessica was and could do nothing for Piggie. Fortunately we were gonna babysit another guinea pig from the day after (which had been planned for a long time). It took a day but I see a much better Piggie running around now. And it also told us, we must get a new friend for Piggie in the end of next week.


I know that Jessica would also like to say a few personal words to all of you, but she isnt home until tomorrow, so I guess this thread isnt over yet. ;)




:hug: Thank you everyone :hug:

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