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Ultrafunk Popcorn - Slick Pop3 Client

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Popcorn by Ultrafunk is a very slick, very free, and very small POP3 client.


If you are managing a ton of pop3 email accounts, this is a quick way to check them without wasting time and resources...


You can get a good look at what your client is receiving on his / her side. It makes diagnosing outlook and outlook express problems quick and easy. Trouble shoot Authentication / Server problems easy as well.


It looks at the headers and gives you the first 50 lines, also you can use smtp, you can take it with you on a disk or throw it on your web server for a quick download (i'm not 100% sure about that, have to check the license)


Title of Software - Ultrafunk Popcorn Pop3 client

Category - Utility

Owner - Ultrafunk

Cost - oh so free...


I hope this is helping, free software is my gig.

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Yeah, I've been using Popcorn for a couple years. It gets better with every new build. It allows me to read/delete/reply to my e-mail directly from my servers instead of downloading the messages to my hard drive. B)



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