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And with the invisible border settings, they are actually on more pages than you realize!


Many examples and tutorials for iframes here:


including 2 iframes with one link, transparent iframes, scrolling iframes, static (linkable iframes), changing content of one iframe with the content of another iframe, etc.


They are written with CSB in mind, but can be used with any editor.



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Thomas, just remember that stuff in iframes may have the typical search engine unfriendless that is associated with frames and, even worst in my opinion, those pages can not be easily bookmarked.


If you want a scrolling area you can also use a scrolling div which has neither of the two aforementioned problems. =)


Just something to bear in mind!

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VERY TRUE. If you want the search engines to find the contents of that page, do not put it in an iframe!


But using iframes for some things has it's advantages as it takes up less space like the scrolling div can be used for brief descriptions or explanations. But an iframe works so well for forms that have thank you pages so the thank you appears where the form was on the page, and some very neat special effects when transparency is used, or when links need to change a small part of the page instead of opening into an entire frame, or same/new window.



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is the search engine problem still a factor if all of your content pages that are displayed inside the iframe are linked from outside the iframe in the main document (ie, links on the main page which target the iframe -- so technically there's a direct link to the subpages)...





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