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Reseller 101.


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I am in the process of adding a couple of websites to my portfolio and would like to use a reseller account to host each domain. I have a couple of questions I need answered before I make the upgrade. I am sure these have been asked before on in Pre-Sales, but here we go again.


1) Do TCH reseller accounts have there own NameServers for the master account? How is each domain within a reseller account managed?


2) Is there a cap on the number of domainas that can be used for a reseller account and does the price increase to hold more domains within a reseller?


3) Do domains hosted by a reseller account have to be registered through TCH?




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1) Reseller accounts can have custom nameservers if they're either of the top two levels. The bottom two don't have custom nameservers. The domains within a reseller account are managed through WHM and each get their own CPanel.


2) No cap, no price increases.


3) No. The domain names can be registered wherever you like.

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When you are ready to upgrade to a resellers account

open a help ticket with the details of the account/domain that you want to be the reseller account, so the techs can move it into your new account.


You will not see the reseller account domain in your Web Host Manager (WHM)

and will log into its cpanel the normal way.


Then you can add new accounts/domains yourself in WHM.


If you haven't already, you may want to check out the reseller movies in the

TCH help site

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Will domains that are added to a reseller account

be accessible/administrated from the main CPanel

or do they all get their own Cpanels? I have a # of

domains that I want to admin and curious if I can do

it from the main CPanel or if I am going to have to

have different CPanel logins per website.

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