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I don't know how blogging effects site ranking since I don't pay much attention to the whole ranking thing. I do know that blogs will generate a lot of traffic to your site and if you write good stuff and update regularly, people will keep coming back. Since I started blogging, I've seen a steady increase in traffic and I've also noticed that as my readership grows, I'm beginning to get links from other sites.


People by nature are curious about other people and even a bit nosy. Reading someone's blog is like reading their diary without the worry of being caught. It's fun and you find a lot of interesting people out there.


If you're like me and you like to write, blogging might be something you'd like. If you want it just for site ranking or traffic generation, it probably won't go very well. It takes a lot of consistent effort to keep a blog going and it takes time to build up a good following.

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