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Microsoft Patents Grouped Taskbar Buttons


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Well, it seems that M$ really wants to patent everything they can. Even stuff they didn't invent, like this one. You know when you open a few windows of the same program and they get grouped under the same button on the taskbar? Well, M$ says they invented that and the US patents office granted them the patent, although there are several systems that made use of it long before WinXP (which was the first M$ OS to make use of the technique). Fortunately, it's not something many people would like to use. At least not me, since it's probably the most annoying feature of WinXP - well, I wasn't counting with all the other "features".... :o



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just a off topic info regarding Virus Alert, yesterday few people got a Virus which claims from someID*@ microsoft.com.


Just to add a security alert to our TCH family Be carefull before opening attachments from any such associated ID's

I know the day they find out who is sending he wont be able to mail again for ages.



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If this, along with all the other recent patent news, is true ... I'm really dissapointed in our patent office.


I feel like M$ is lining all these things up to get ready for a rash of law-suits against the little guys ... just to squash competition.


Hopefully they'll take a look at SCO's book and realize that it doesn't work in the end.

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HC, it is true. I believe all the Slashdot news about patents I've mentioned here have links to the patents office web page (or whatever it is) where you can read about the patent from an official source.

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