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What Will Happend To My Email?

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hi , i've just ordered TCH starter plan and the domain , rite now i have the existing web and the domain running in my local hosting service in my country .. i was to told to contact my registrar and update my DNS pointer to the dns given my TCH.

before i update the dns .. how long will it take for me to access my control panel? will i still be able to receive email from my customer now that i chose TCH as my host and not my existing local hosting service from my country?

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You should be able to access your control panel as soon as you get your welcome e-mail, it will have instructions on how to do so.


As for e-mail, I'm not sure. DNS propogation (swiching the domain name to TCH's servers) can take anywhere between 24 and 72 hours.


I'm no expert, but I think that all e-mail sent to you, as long as you have the same account name on the TCH servers, will be caught by either your current server or TCH's, depending on whether the domain has propogated or not.

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yep you are correct.


Basically for the next 72h you are going to receive email at your previous and your new hosting company. so for those 72h check both email accounts.

After 72h, just move all your previous emails to your new TCH if you want :o



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Not sure I am understanding the question. But during propogation email will go to which ever DNS address it has when sent. That's why email will appear in one place or the other. It will clear up totally in about a week or sooner.

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