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How do I know my domain has been propagated? If I can type in my domain name and get to my parent directory, does that mean it's done?


If not, what sort of clues do I have. My Front Page loaded my website into the directory TCH gave me, but it isn't showing at the site (although File Mgr in Cpanel shows the files there), so I'm thinking it's not propogated yet.


I just don't want to put in a ticket to the help desk, if this is something I'm doing wrong. (Like mispelling and then buying the wrong domain name <_< )


Thanks, Kathi

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Hi Kathi,


Are you happy to give us the domain name to check?


Can you see the files if you use the IP address and username?

ht tp://xx.xx.xx.xx/~username


If you can, then the files are there - if not, there is a problem with the upload.


Have you uploaded into the correct directory? public_html


Don't worry about putting in a ticket - in some ways it's better for us to tell you about something silly in private rather than the public forums <_<

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Thanks Guys,


I loaded them up via FrontPage in the manner I do for my other site. Perhaps I need to trash what I uploaded and try again.


I don't mind looking like a goober. :D If I did, I wouldn't be learning anything would I. :)


And please tell me that Dreamweaver is gonna make things easier for me! <_<


oh, and I succumbed and put in a ticket on this one. :)




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