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Several Message Board Questions

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Let's say that today I create a message board in my webspace. Now say I upgrade my Silver Hosting account to a reseller account. Is it possible to move that message board to a new domain that I create in my reseller account?



What made TCH choose Invision over phpBB? What advantages does it have? I've used phpBB in the past, and like it well enough, but is there anything about Invision that would make it worth the hassle of installing? (Comparatively speaking, of course.)




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Moving a message board, either phpBB or Invision, is no big deal, but may take some finesse. From a shared hosting perspective, the db prefix is the cpanel username for the domain. So, if you want to move the db/board to another domain with a different username, you will need to do some modifying/debugging. But overall, the move should be quite painless.


I will try the move myself tomorrow and try to remember to udate here the results and any difficulties.



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for phpbb


in cpanel (origin), just go to backup and backup the database that the forum is using


then restore it in the same 'backup' screen on the new cpanel (destination)


copy all files in the forum dir to the new host


edit config.php and change the db, username, and password.


chmod any files u may need to chmod for security



the end. :P

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