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Was A Happy Customer

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Ok, I guess I was a customer for 6 good months, no problems. Only minor ones that were quickly cleared up, I found the forums to excellent, and offered some of my knowledge of .htaccess to another member.



The way this forum promotes its "family pages" is pathetic, why on earth is it taking upwards of two months to sort this issue out, an issue that I cant see as anything other than a minor problem. I read with interest all of these people who are adding their sites for addition to "the family" and desperately want to scream "Dont Do It". In my honest opinion, I believe TCH is obtaining links from their customers to boost their own PR, I cant see any other reason. I know the arguments that will come back to me: TCH doesnt need the family pages, its best.. blah blah.. Truth is folks that there are plenty of hosting companies out their with equal/better services. Now TCH's problem is that you have dumped the feature that made me sign up origally, a jumpstart in being listed with the search engines.


The icing on the cake was your head guru folks, refusing to reply to a pm or email about this issue. My advice? You may not find better hosting than TCH, just dont try and add a link in the family pages.


Adam :)

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My suggestion to you is to take a look through the "add me to the family" forums and see which ones have been added. Everything up to the last week or two. just because there is no reply saying they have been added does not mean they havent been.


Truth of the matter is we simply didnt have someone to do it. Mitch who used to handle it left and the position wasnt filled. Yes we did hire a graphics designer, but adding links to that page is not their job.


you opened your account on Feb 9th, you requested your site be added Feb 12th, and it was added the same day. The link to your site was later removed since you removed the link back to TCH from yours.

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What are you looking for in a hosting company?


Myself I want - reliable uptime, awesome tech help and people that are easy to deal with.


I think after you have been at TCH you are going to find other hosting companies

not up to their standards.


You will be back to TCH I am sure. LOL


Weezy Rock Sign

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Im sure I will, in fact my search to find a new host has been fruitless, as far as value goes. I wasnt critisizing the hosting, just the family forum thing. I just feel that the lack of updates in the forum and replies to requests made the company seem amateurish.



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We don't have anybody official as yet. We get people in there on free time to get it done, but nobody's got it in their job description yet. We're still working on it.

Let me know if you need help. I would be more then happy to help you.





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Well, it's not neccessarily a time issue. It's an SEO issue.


Take me for example. I could probably find time to do it every now and then, and while I do know enough to get my website some decent spots in search engines and have it optimized pretty well, I'm no SEO expert. That's one of the big points of getting added to the family pages.

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Hehehe, if it isnt alot of work, I will volunteer to do it :P If its just adding links LMAO! I am always on the internet anyways, nothing better to do being 16 and homeschooling. :)


And as for your complaint about 'Our head guru'


Dude! He OWNS TCH, That does not mean he has to reply to questions, why do you think he PAYS people to work for him?


I have had a few problems, and it has taken some time to get handled when I went through Bill and they always get handled as soon as he gets time, and he will make the effort to show you that they are sorry, as I know but am not at liberty to share because I am not sure if Bill would want that out, but you have to think, everyone has a family, problems and a LIFE to deal with. They cannot be on the internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week dealing with people who are clients of theirs. Hense the 'Paying Staff To Work For Them'. If you go to another hosting company which the OWNER of the company gets on and even BOTHERS to talk to you tell me, because it will be the first other than TCH.


As for the links in the family links to promote TCH, EVERYONE does that ON THEIR OWN, it is NOT FORCED on them, I have not been added, because I dont like my links being all over the net, and I dont like having commitment because I change my sites soo much, but usually there is a link back to TCH merely because I have no worries who knows who my host is. I host peoples sites for FREE and then send them to TCH when they decide they want a more dedicated host. :)


As for the time, everyone does not have 5 million hands to deal with everyone, the staff work the Helpdesk, do you stop to think about how many tickets and visitors to the live help they get a day? They are BUSY that is why people dont mind HELPING OUT.


Ok, enough said, TCH is the best....blah...blah....blah.... :P You know the drill.

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Im sure I will, in fact my search to find a new host has been fruitless, as far as value goes.    I wasnt critisizing the hosting, just the family forum thing.  I just feel that the lack of updates in the forum and replies to requests made the company seem amateurish.

No offense, but to go into a tizzy because you weren't added to the list fast enough is a stupid reason to drop TCH. I've been with 11 hosts in three years and no one else has come close to TCH's bang for the buck and quality of support.


So things have been a little messed up in the Family Forums Dept. Is this something that REALLY affects your site? I think you should browse the forums thoroughly and see the level of customer satisfaction and support here.


They were a little slow adding my site but my main concern is that my own site and my clients' sites be up and running at all times, with issues resolved quickly. What I've gained from becoming a TCH customer is peace of mind, something that's often a scarce commodity in the world of budget hosting.


Rock Sign

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