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Complimentary Colour Table


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Sorry, I have been searching for about an hour (constantly being sidetracked by other posts B)) and haven't found it yet.


A while ago someone posted a link to a page where you could enter a colour code, and a number of complimentary colours would be shown (even clashing colours if I remember correctly).


Could someone please help me to find this site again?


thankyou, Marcel.

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There are lots of options.

Click on a starting color dot, click the saturation and brightness sliders

and the cold/warm degrees let you fine tune the color.

At the bottom left is a link for help.

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In the upper right hand is a partially filled in color-wheel that looks like a flower. Double click that and the main area of the screen will display the destructions. :)


When you're done, double-click to get out of it. :dance:

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