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I have been running Norton Antivirus and the free ZoneAlarm firewall (since my Norton firewall began giving me fits a year ago ). I switched to ZA last June on the recommendation of several people on this board. The combination has been working well.


I got a notice that Norton no longer offers subscription for the 2001 version AV software and I would have to upgrade to 2004 version ($40).


Since the Zone Alarm has worked so well on my machine (very finicky about software) I was considering if I should now use their AV software instead of Norton. It's half the price, but more importantly, Norton HAS caused problems sometimes, but ZA hasn't.


Any thoughts, recommendations?



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Hi Samantha.


I haven't used Zone Alarm since I stopped using Windows (quite a while ago) so I don't know how it evolved. It seems that it has integrated virus protection, now. Which is a petty, because usually, when companies want their products to do everything, their quality usually goes down. I hope that's not the case with ZA.


Anyway, I never liked Norton's products for Windows. Their DOS products were great but their Windows versions.... Yuck!


So IMHO, you should stick with Zone Alarm and get another anti-virus, like CA's EZ Anti Virus, which works pretty well with ZA, from what I've heard. Some people also told me their new firewall is basically a rebranded version of ZA so you might want to check out their EZ Armor package, which gives you both the firewall and the anti-virus.


Here's their website URL:


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you can also get EZ armor firewall and AV for free through microsoft and it includes a 1 year subscription for updates




Select your Os and on the next page select "use detailed steps" scroll to the bottom of the next page and click through to step 3 at the bottom click on computer Associates link B)


ORRRR just go here :lol:



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I would not recommend using ZoneAlarm for antivirus. A recent update of theirs, although I'm not sure it's the latest, was absolutely horrible! First problems I've had with it in over a year. I think it was the first update that included the anti-virus. I had to turn that part off and still have strange little issues now and again.


I use the free version of AVG for virus protections and have no complaints there at all. In fact, I recommend it to all my family and friends.


Good luck in your search. If you still want more info. on ZA...visit their user forums first and do some research!!! Hopefully the program will get better again...but who knows!

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I have both ZA and NAV on my company laptop (my installation...not theirs). They coexist quite peacefully together...much better than McAfee AV ever did. I DID, however, break down and purchase the annual subscription. I've been bit by that animal before and did not enjoy the weekend I spent restoring everything. (Thank God for backups!)

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THANK YOU. woooot

THANK YOU. Thumbs Up


So glad I asked about the ZA AV product. I will go elsewhere.


On this and other machines, I have had bad experieces with several Norton products so really didn't want to upgrade to a new version of the AV. Trend PC-Cillin AV works well in some machines but is not compatible with ZA products according to their own support pages. And I just don't like McAfee - it caused a MESS on one machine so I avoid it.


Am looking at the links you folks provided to see what is the best fit for this cranky machine. It's wonderful to have some new options!! (Someday I hope to upgrade).


I have always gotten some good tips/advice from this board that have resolved some headaches and prevented others. I greatly appreciate the feedback.



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Hi Samantha ,


I use Norton 2004 with Zone Alarm Pro and Spyboth. Thumbs Up

It functions very well. The slow machine does not leave heavy nor.


You do not have to use norton 2001 you are very old and already not server for more nothing.


Optins for you:

When I age VAR of the TrenMicro used the Pccillin and was very good, however a little weighed.

Another good option is the Panda that already comes with firewaal.


Now most important of everything it is that independent of antivurs or firewall that you has you must is to keep always brought up to date. (updates)


And.... does not forget to make windows update !!! :)



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