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Hotlinking Protection Not Enough, Need Some Help


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First, I'd like to apologize if this is the 'wrong' area to post this question.


I have one or two young people that hotlink to an image on my site for use in online chat/bulletin boards. I changed the graphic they receive to something other than they are looking for. But they continue to hotlink anyway.


I believe that you can block certain sites (ip addresses) from your site, is that correct? As it is from these two bulletin board/chat isites can I just block those specific sites from accessing my site? And if so how does one go about doing such a thing?


As I have mentioned in another post/question, please feel free to treat me like an 'idiot' java script:emoticon(';)') and be as descriptive as possible in your reply- unless of course the answer is 'no.' java script:emoticon(':goof:')


I'm in the process of researching/writing my MA thesis and I'm pretty fried. Any cognitive ability outside of that needed for the thesis is missing from my life at the moment.java script:emoticon(':rolleyes:') edit: see how fried I am - can't even figure out how to implement those *bloody* smilies.


thanks for your consideration and assistance.


Respect & peace!



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You can't block that site from accessing your site, simply because it's the visitors to that site that actually pull your images.


So if there only are a few visitors, block those. But if there are MANY, it's an excercise in futility.


Rename the images, and keep renaming them indefinitely, I guess?

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I apologize if this is a stupid question...but do you actually have hotlinking protection enabled through cpanel on your site? The title of your post suggests that you do...but just wanted to ask anyway.

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I agree with the last poster as if it is tunred on hen they wont be able to get any images from you at all. It blocks all requests for images unless it comes for your local server. This is good as it still allows others to view our pages correctly when they visit your site.

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I have already done the same. I created it as an addon for postnuke as I'm one of the core programmers for it. I also recently added it as a mod for phpbb.


It does a little more than hotlinking though as it covers spam bots and even sets up a honey pot for them to feed them bogus emails and endless pages. This also keeps them outside of your real site. It also covers web downloaders and even a few iis virii that we apache users dont need eating up our bandwidth.

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I found a script Hotlink Reverser, it will automatically change the names of your content files and their links on your pages. The old file will not be found anymore and the visitor can be redirected to any url you want.

You can find it at



Good luck!








link deactivated

note the cost is $99

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