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Zziplib For Php

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I'd like to accept and read zip file uploads at my site. Preferably, it would be great to be able to use the functions in the ZZipLib php library, described at http://us4.php.net/manual/en/ref.zip.php


However, I tested it out, and they're definitely not installed with php here at TCH. Any chance of getting this set up, or does anyone know of a way that I can configure the compile-time directives for php running on my site? (I'd be really surprised if you give your customers access to compile-time directives, as some of them can be highly unsafe, but maybe there's some other workaround?)


Alternatively, M-Zip could provide the same sort of functionality. However, then I'd need to know what command-line function could be used in order to unpack zip files. More info available at http://esurfers.com/m-zip/


The other option is really not an option at all, and that's to study the PKWare Zip whitepapers at http://www.pkware.com/products/enterprise/...rs/appnote.html and then read it as a raw binary file and do all the interpretation in the script file itself. (Talk about re-inventing the wheel!)


Thanks for any help you guys can provide :dance:

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ok.. the next problem. when I FTP the backup generated through an FTP program, ie. FileZilla, I can open the backup fine, but when I do it through DOS commands it doesn't work.

Here are the commands.


ftp -i -n -v -s:z <-- z is a file that contains the lines below.


open *IPAddress*

user *username* *password*

cd *location to get files from*

mget * <-- which gets all the files including the backups which works correctly.





It seems to work fine, it grabs all the files, but the zip files are corrupt somehow???

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