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Calling All Movable Type Users


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Hey everyone,


I'm tweaking my MT Blog and I need the assistance of someone else who also uses MT for their blog. I'm playing around the with TrackBack feature and want to make some changes to how it displays on my site. My blog is still pretty new, so I don't have any trackbacks yet. What I need is for some brave soul to pick a post on my website and do a trackback to it from their blog.


Any takers?

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Thanks Lisa!


I just finished reading the latest post on your blog. Those tigers are awesome! Where are they ... the SD zoo?

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No, this is not a zoo. This is owned by someone who used to have several acts featuring the tigers (and some lions that have passed on). There are also two rescued tigers here (hrm, may be more, actually) and the person who I'm siting - his new house is located a few feet from it. =) He works with the tigers (has been at various places for several years) constantly.


I could not get this close to these guys at a zoo.... =) Especially not at feeding time.

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That's got to be one of the neatest experiences. I wasn't sure if your friend worked at a zoo or what. It was clear that you're getting "special treatment" by being allowed so close, so I guessed that your friend worked at a zoo and let you help him with taking care of some of the animals (or something along those lines).


I hope you're having a good time out here in California! Enjoy your vacation :rolleyes:

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A trackback is a way to link back to someone else's post from your blog. MovableType recognizes when someone has linked to your post and will display the details about the site that's linking to you. For an example, you can see the following page (scroll down below the entry) -- of course, you're welcome to read the post if you want -- and you'll see a section called "TrackBacks"...



Here is an article about trackback that you may find interesting.



I hope this information is helpful.



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