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Xp Service Pack 2 Preview Availible Now


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i did that already, even one basic user can see whats new in SP2.


IMHO i would Strongly recommend it.


do you think they'll so easily give it to public, Give it a try, staff there are those who always had a potential of thinking where a user would STOP.


youneverknow: your name always let people think more,

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I installed Service Pack 2 also. It's been a week, no problems that I can see. I suggest installing it by following the Windows Update link on the Microsoft web site.


I definitely encourage reading through some of the online documentation before clicking "install" at the final step. That way you can have some ideas about what to expect when Windows reboots after upgrading itself. :)




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Thanks, was wondering when they would publicly announce the availability. Its been available and I've had it and only have one complaint so far. It added a "security feature" to Outlook Express which grey's out suspect email attachments with extentions which "could" carry a virus.


I had someone email me and access database (.mdb) and I could not download it and was really pressed for time. I ended up forwarding it to my wife's email account and downloading on her computer. I do all the Beta testing on MY computer and hers and the kids don't get loaded till I give it the A-OK.


I believe there is a switch or option somewhere to turn this "feature" off, I just haven't had time to go look for it.


Otherwise I am liking what I see.

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There it is...thanks Mike. I thought I looked under every tab. But I was really, REALLY pressed for time and was not in the mood to trouble-shoot a new "feature".


Some folks want and need it and its a good addition for most folks. But I have anti-virus scanning mail so don't think I need it. And I pretty much know what I'm doing ... or all these folks calling me to clean their systems have the wrong guy ;)

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This note is on the wesite link above:

We recommend that you not install the RC2 version of SP2 on computers that are running the latest security updates. Instead, install the final version of Windows XP SP2 when it becomes available. Installing the RC2 version of SP2 on computers that already have the latest security updates installed can cause incompatibilities. The final release of SP2 will be compatible with all previously installed security updates.


And the final release is still scheduled for sometime this month but no date given.

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RTM tomorrow, distribution soon after


The dates for Microsoft's long awaited Service Pack 2 are starting to solidify, according to Neowin. The service pack, which includes a slew of new security upgrades, should be released to manufacturers tomorrow, released to the web on August 10, and should hit the Windows Update service on August 24. Users unfamiliar with the changes in the pack should check out this Information Week evaluation, or read through this thread from our Security Forum.

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I also have had it for a short period of time and have no real complaints. I don't even use Outlook Express, so I never realized that. I do not like though, that there is no way to turn this off in full-blown Outlook.


I am not so sure about the firewall, though. I tend to be NEEDING to get to those areas of the web that are a little shady and it is giving me some problems. When you are trying to get into another system, you have to resort to the darker side of the web.


All in all, though, I think it is going to be good fo end users and home machines. And now, maybe Industrial systems will be updated from NT4 and Win 2K, as most were giving the excuse that XP was too unstable.


The problem with this vicious cycle? The better mousetrap is out... how long before the better mouse comes out?

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Neither security hole could be exploited by a remote attacker and both require Windows users to take actions,


It maybe a hole but I don't believe its serious.

Possibly, but I thought SP 2 was gonna patch things not give us new ones so fast.


But Im lucky. They havent released a swedish version yet, so maybe they have fixed that when it comes to sweden.

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