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Just Wanted To Say Hello


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Hi folks,

I have been looking for a place to host some small files and graphics that I use on a couple of forums I belong to. After using 4 or 5 different "free" ones I wasn't happy with their speed or rules on file sizes so I tried 2 "cheap" pay-for-service ones and was still disappointed...whew...to make a long story short a friend told me about Totalchoice and after looking around for about 30 mins or so I was sold.


Great deal...I just can't wait to dig in!!!!


Now I want do do a full fledged WEB SITE....talk about biting off more than I can chew...I just hope I can get a helping hand when I need it!!!!


Joe :P

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I think you will find the good folks here can provide answers to almost any question you have about TCH and it seems many to those that push the edge of what TCH offers. I still havent gotten an answer as to what the longest snake on record was but methinks its not quite related to hosting. :P

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I still havent gotten an answer as to what the longest snake on record

there are a few authenticated records of snakes exceeding a length of 9.14m (30ft). The record-holder is the reticulated python (Python Reticulatus) of southeast Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines, which regularly exceeds 6.25m (20.5ft).


The greatest proven length for this species is 10m (32ft 9.5in) for a specimen shot on the north coast of Celebes, Indonesia, in 1912; it was accurately measured with a surveying tape by civil engineers working at a nearby mining camp.


Welcome to the family Joe :P

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Well, it was far from the biggest snake on record, but if you want to see pictures of my family holding a snake, check out: http://www.bweiss.com/2001/wild_animals.htm



(I don't own a snake, but I've always liked them)

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Boy, what a dufuss I am!!!!!


I ordered a package yesterday that I thought included hosting and a domain name. I was so anxious to get going, so I sent "Tony" an email seeing when my account would be ready to use...and he told me I had no service. Well to make a long story even longer I forgot to add in the hosting!!!!


Well I fixed my mistake and am now awaiting my "Welcome" letter...geeeze what a dork I am....hehe. :lol:

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I have those moments all the time so dont feel too bad. Sometimes I think my few good moments revolve many of the "smack myself on the head" moments. Turtle, great snakes but a tad nippy. Beth, nice looking Burmese python. I had 2 pair for a while. One at 16', 1 at 14' and 2 at 12'. Great tempers.

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