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Two Menus


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Each of my pages contains two navigation menus, one with Javascript rollover buttons, and another that appears only in browsers without Javascript active. I created the latter (consisting of plain text in a table) for the benefit of those with Javascript and/or images turned off.


Without Javascript, both menus appear, although of course the first does not roll over. I have two questions about this state of affairs.


1) Is it possible that the existence of a second, generally invisible menu could lead Google to think I'm trying to abuse it?


2) Assuming the dual menus are not a problem, is there any way to make the Javascript menu invisible when Javascript is not on?

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I don't have an answer to your first question, but for your second question, I have a suggestion.


Try encoding your JavaScript menu specifically inside a <script></script> command. That way, if the user doesn't have JavaScript enabled, they won't see the rollover menu. Then, inside the <noscript></noscript> tag, you would code your text-only menu. So either way, one of the menus will be loaded.


Or you can wrap your menu in a DIV container, and have your style sheet set the rollover menu to display: none and that of the text-only menu to display: visible until the browser knows whether JavaScript is enabled. If JavaScript is enabled, you set the display property to display: visible and also change the display property of the text-only menu to display: none.

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Thanks, kasey.


I'll try that first solution. It's a lot simpler, and besides, I don't have a stylesheet yet. :dance:

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I tried enclosing the Javascript menu in <script> ... </script> tags, and it disappeared altogether.


Any other fairly simple ways to handle this, or shall I simply delete the non-Javascript menu?


(Here's the URL: http://www.squort.com.)

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The <server> ... </server> tags don't seem to do anything.


Is this perhaps because the menu is not one Javascript, but a series of Javascript rollovers?

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