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Hi, I have used dreamweaver to do my web site and was wondering if anyone could tell me how I could make an email form for people to subscribe to me site by clicking on a button, which would bring up a form with the information i require from them and the form could be emailed to me with all the information.

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I use a script called "Jack's FormMail". You can find it at www.dtheatre.com/scripts/. It's very easy to configure and implement.

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Just had to chime in and say that unless the code (Jack's formmail) has changed substantially since the last time I looked at it, then I'd stay away from it.


Quite simply, it's a clone of the super popular 'Matt's formmail.pl' which has also been banned due to exploits by spammers.


A good rule of thumb is that if the recipient of the email form is set up in the html code of the form and passed to the script as posted data (as it is with both these scripts mentioned) then it's insecure and can easily be used to send out spam that appears to be from your site.


Some at TCH know that I have authored a mail form script, and my name is Jack, but I am NOT the author of the one referenced by kaseytraeger. Just a coincidence.

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You might want to try surefire's script found here. I use his script and it's very easy and simple to set up and he provides great support. As far as combatting those email-harvesting bots, check out this this site. They encode email address into JavaScript that you put into your html. As far as your webpage visitors know, there is absolutely no difference in what they see.


Hope this gives you some ideas.

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