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Directory Listing On Web With No Html

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I have a few folders on my website that have no html and I want only to list several files. I noticed the default directory listing only shows the first 20 characters of the file name.


Is there a way to increase this to display the whole file name?


I know I can create an index.html file but I am always adding and removing files and I dont want to have to open up the file to add links to the files. Unless this can be automated?



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Or you could use a couple of .htaccess directives, add a readme.html and a HEADER.html and you get a very nice display. See This example


Thhe mod_autoindex documentation gives all the details on how to do this. I prefer the mod_autoindex method since it does not rely on yet another script that I have to keep updating :)



In the .htaccess

IndexIgnore robots.txt admin include scripts images style

IndexOptions DescriptionWidth=* NameWidth=*

IndexOptions +IconsAreLinks +SuppressColumnSorting +SuppressLastModified

IndexOrderDefault Ascending Size



AddDescription "US Government on how to stop ID Theft " IDTheftVideo.avi



HEADER.html is some standard html

README.html is some text to describe the directory.

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There is another way if you do not want to use a script.

In cPanel goto

Site Management > Index Manager

select the folder you want to change

then select

Standard Indexing (text only) > Save

Its not fancy but it allows for more than 20 characters. I tested it by creating a file with 50 characters.

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