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Getting Php Scripts To Run In Subdirectories

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I am trying to get PHP to run on my website. I created a simple PHP script (test_phpinfo.php) that displays phpinfo() and it runs OK in the root (public_html). when trying to run this same script from a subdirectory (public_html/smarty), I get a 404 error although I can see the file, verify its contents and verify the permissions on the file and directory (using CpanelX File Manager).


What am I missing?



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www.mikeandkathys-greatadventure.com/Smarty/test_phpinfo.php works fine for me!


Remember that directory names are case sensitive on Linux servers so you must have called the directory /Smarty, instead of /smarty which is different.


Hope that helps!



(Edited to make more sense!)

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