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Did Any One Noticed On Yahoo!


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Recently Yahoo is changing the users' login page, and the new Inbox looks and lots new features and most Exciting one is A/c size increased to 100MB, only Old accounts, but poor me still my a/c is 6MB but one of my friends noticed a increase in storage space.(i hope this is not a rumour)


Yet to find a place for a Official Announcement.


Did Anyone else noticed this!!!

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Now Login Page Yahoo Login Page



New to Yahoo!?

Get a free Yahoo! Mail account – it's a breeze to stay connected and manage your busy life.

100MB of email storage

Keep more of what's important to you

Powerful spam protection

Read only the mail you really want

Get your mail anywhere

All you need is a web connection



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I just notice this this morning and can't get logged in, server is busy. I had purchased extra storage space so I get 2gb now! Just wish I could get in to read my mail! It could be our company servers too, who knows, will keep trying.


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Great news – Yahoo! Mail is new and improved!


Thanks for being a loyal Yahoo! Mail user. To ensure that Yahoo! Mail continues to be the easiest, most enjoyable way for you to stay in touch, we've made several great improvements to your service! In addition to all the features you currently enjoy, we've made these upgrades:


    * Streamlined interface

      Makes using your mail even easier

    * 100MB of email storage

      Keep more of the things that are important to you – without worrying about bumping up against your storage limit.

    * Message size up to 10MB

      Send monster-sized files – photos, presentations, whatever!


So thanks again for choosing Yahoo! Mail to keep in touch, and we hope you enjoy the additional services now at your fingertips. For more information, please visit our Help page.


Here is what I got signing in this morning.

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from globeandmail.com...


Yahoo fortifies free e-mail

Associated Press



San Francisco — Internet giant Yahoo Inc. is fortifying its free

e-mail service with 25 times more storage and freeing up millions of

previously claimed e-mail addresses in an effort to thwart a looming

threat from its increasingly disruptive rival Google Inc.


Beginning Tuesday, all of Yahoo's free e-mail accounts will be

upgraded to 100 megabytes, a move spurred by Google's plans to offer

1,000 megabytes of free storage through its Gmail service, which has

remained in a test phase since early April.


Yahoo has been offering four megabytes of free e-mail storage,

although some people with accounts opened several years ago have six

megabytes of free storage.


Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Yahoo disclosed that it would be increasing

its free storage to 100 megabytes during an analyst meeting held last

month, but hadn't provided a specific time for the upgrade until now.


The company hopes to appeal to e-mailers in other ways, too.


Angling for new users, Yahoo has decided to let people begin signing

up for addresses that have been inactive for years. The offer is

designed to lure web surfers who may have been previously interested

in signing up for a free Yahoo e-mail account only to learn one of

their preferred handles had already been claimed.


"Some of these addresses could be very juicy and might attract a lot

of interest," said David Ferris, an e-mail analyst in San Francisco.


Yahoo says "tens of millions" of dormant e-mail addresses will be made

available again. The company also say it will improve the tools used

to search its e-mails — a feature that Google has been touting — and

spruce up the service with a cleaner look.


"This is a highly competitive marketplace and we have been listening

to our customers so we can build the things that our users want," said

Brad Garlinghouse, Yahoo's vice-president of communications products.


A Google spokesman declined to comment on Yahoo's changes or the

company's Gmail service. Mountain View, Calif.-based Google can't say

much about Gmail or its other products because the company is pursuing

an initial public offering of stock, which requires management and

other insiders to remain mum.


Although it's still not available to the general public, Gmail has

received widespread publicity since Google unveiled its plans to get

into the free e-mail business just a few weeks before the company's

IPO filing.


Not all the feedback has been positive. Many privacy watchdogs and

some legislators have railed against Google's plans to electronically

scan e-mail and deliver text-based ads related to the topics

correspondents are writing about — something Yahoo insists it will

never do.


Gmail, nevertheless, appears to have the makings of a hot commodity.

Some people already have been buying restricted invitations to sign up

for early Gmail accounts on EBay, with some bids surpassing $60

(U.S.). Google has been steadily expanding Gmail's reach by allowing

existing accountholders to send invitations to friends and family to

join the service.


Yahoo operates the most popular free e-mail service on the Internet.

The company's e-mail service attracted 39.8 million unique users in

April, trailed by Microsoft Corp.'s Hotmail service at 34.6 million

unique users, according to Nielsen Net/Ratings. The Hotmail service

offers only two megabytes of free e-mail storage.


During the past three years, Yahoo has been trying to drum up more

revenue by selling subscriptions to premium e-mail accounts that

offered more storage and other features, such as stronger protection

against junk mail. The company has never disclosed how many

subscribers pay for its premium e-mail service.

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Hi boxturt and others,

boxturt your post is quite informative, personally i've noticed they are upgrading Alphabetically, so there may be some users with old quota, its Just not possible for a service provider to upgrade in a single Shot.


I hope some Good news is also waiting for all of us on Hotmail too..........


Hey users Keep watching your Yahoo a/c .....

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Seriously, does anyone store more than a couple hundred megabytes of e-mails?


When my inbox passes the 100Mb mark, it usually gets cleaned up. I delete so much crap that I even find it difficult to believe I kept it in the first place.


Well, I guess that if you're someone who likes to keep all those neat/cool/fun/whatever forwards, all that inbox space might come in handy... :)

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Seriously, does anyone store more than a couple hundred megabytes of e-mails


My wife had 50,000 email from the past month in her inbox, many with images. Outlook refused to open in anything other than safe mode. The .pst file was fast approaching the 2G limit. I was able to cut it down to 25k messages from the past 15 days and not have my head taken off for interfering with her email.

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When my inbox passes the 100Mb mark, it usually gets cleaned up. I delete so much crap that I even find it difficult to believe I kept it in the first place.

But if it's stored on someone else's drive space and they have great search features to find anything you'd want to find, would you clean it up then?


Not that this is what Google is offering with Gmail but it's what they are claiming. I just got my Gmail account as a newly accepted member of the pre-release group. The first thing they send to you is an email saying that you have to change the way you think about email.


It's definitely different.


By the way, I submitted for Gmail info under most of my email addresses I have but when I did the one that I'm signed up with adwords with I got an email saying "Wanna come in and play?" (Ok, it's a paraphrase.) but it did say that Adwords folks are more trusted to give them good feedback.


There's a guy publishing his email address everywhere he can to see how long it takes to fill 1 Gig. Last I checked he wasn't even clase.

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Your wife can have more than one .pst file. I have about 1gb of email stored across 15 pst files. That way one file doesn't get too big, they are all listed in my folder list and it keeps me better organized.


Also, if you have problems with a .pst file, or with outlook there is a tool in windows that will repair/reindex the pst file. I usually run it once a month on all my pst files, just in case.

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Then in a few months I have to clean out over 15G worth of email. 50K email a month is average for her, times 15 and I would have to shoot her. I need her to conform to acceptable email usage before she can have more room. I have about 12M of email spread out over the past few months, she has 1.27G over the past 15 days. Small problem that needs to fix itself first.

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50K email?! In one month?!?!?! :) :) :) :lol:

How... what... I mean... I don't think I can even understand that amount of e-mail flux...


Let me crunch some numbers...

50K emails/month rounds down to 1666 emails per day...........

Which means around 69 emails per hour, which in turn stands for 1.15 e-mails per minute...


That's absolutely insane!! :lol:


Why does she receive so many e-mails? Is it work stuff or is it just jokes and that kind of stuff? I'm asking because if it's work stuff, then I understand why she wants to keep them. But when all the messages' subjects start with "Fwd: "...... :lol:


Well, I guess that's one more thing I'll have to look out for, when I start thinking of getting married: how many hard drives I'll have to get for my wife's e-mail storage! :lol:

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She is subscribed to Yahoo groups and has it set to recieve every email, she cant do the condenced version. She is on about 40 lists. This is through our ISP email account, 10M storage, I can not shut off her email program for over an hour before it starts to bounce.

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You know, yahoo groups has the option not to receive emails from groups your wife belongs to (so she can just go to the group to read the messages).


There's no way 1500 emails a day is useful to her. Even filtered, she can't possibly make it through more than a fraction of that.


What is she trying to do, create an archive of all the groups? :(

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She knows that, so do I. She is a mod for half of them. I have no idea why she does what she does. I try not to ask, I sleep on the couch enough. I even offered to register a domain for her and set her up some forums that she can have instead.

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Rob your wife could easily be my idol! ;)


I subscribe to numerous yahoo groups also although not nearly as many as your wife does! But I can easly receive 500+ emails a day. I run most of my accounts out of ukonline's email service but with yahoo's upgrade I have 2 gig there now...just have to figure out how to make the stupid pop3 work. :)

Like you and your wife my boyfriend and I sit at our own computers and IM each other, and like you Dave has no clue as to why I have so many groups or why I need so many tubes, stationary, signature tags...but he has learned to just smile and say "yes dear". Rarely does he have to sleep on the couch. *lol*

Tell your wife "she rocks"! for me. :D


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