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Neomail, Horde, And Squirrelmail - Use All 3?

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Sorry for such a newbie question, but for webmail I see we get 3 choices, but I was wondering, do we need to activate one of the 3 or are all 3 setup by default and we can check our email using any of the 3 we want? I assume the mail is stored in the same place no matter which webmail program we use?


And lastly, when using Horde I see the following folders automatically created:















I am curious why levens.com and all of my subdomains have folders in horde?

Also what is the difference between INBOX.Sent and Sent-Mail? If I rename INBOX.Drafts to just Drafts does it break the functionality?


Probably too many questions so I will stop now :goof:



Many thanks for the info,

Dennis Levens

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You don't have to do anything... just click on your choice and enter your password and you will see whatever is on the server from any one of them. I use Horde... only because I was already familiar with it from a previous host.

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Virtual Imager,


Since you use Horde, can you tell me the default folder for Horde? I think the reason I have so many auto generated folders is because I logged into all 3 webmail programs and they each created their own folders.


So far I like horde the best of the 3



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Sorry, Dennis. I don't understand the question. Are you asking what folder new mail will be sent to? I just use Inbox. You can use the options feature to set filtering rules, etc. Somehow I don't think that answers your question though. If you're asking how to make Horde the default for your webmail, I don't know. I generally just go directly to Horde via a bookmark or from cPanel when I want to check my mail on the web. Mostly I use Outlook... I only check it on the web from work or when I'm travelling. Again, I don't think I'm answering your question. Maybe someone else can help.... or maybe you could rephrase your question and I'll give it another try.

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I am probably just not wording my question right. I noticed that there were two sent items and two inboxes, and figured that horde created some folders and then squirelmail also created some folders. So I was asking if your folders for horde are names using INBOX.SENT and INBOX.DRAFTS. I am trying to find out which folders belong to horde, which belong to neomail and which belong to squirelmail, as it seems that all 3 programs are sharing the same folder list.


I do want to set horde to be my default webmail so if anyone can enlighten us that would be great.



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I don't think you can... /webmail just gives you the screen from which to choose which of the three you want (as far as I know).


Again, what I did was bookmark the page once I got into my inbox at Horde and now I can go directly there via the bookmark. I am prompted for my password automatically (it remembers) so it's just a click and I'm in.



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Yeh, there is no way to overwrite the existing redirect of /webmail but you can setup a new redirect such as www.yoursite.com/mail and tell it to go to www.yoursite.com:2096/horde/index.php . Just use the redirect option in Cpanel.


Hope that helps,


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When I add a redirect I cannot use https, it only allows me to use http so I can only redirect to the unsecure login?


Also when I redirect to www.yoursite.com:2095/horde/index.php it asks me for my username and password but when I login it takes me to the horde login screen and autofills out my the same info I just typed, so I then have to click login again.


So I have two questions:


1. How do I redirect to the sercure login when the redirects cpanel page has http:// as the only choice and no https://


2. How do I setup a redirect to log straight into horde so I do not have to click twice. I realize I am still on typing my info once for the username and password, but I am hoping to bypass clicking to login twice.


Hope this makes sense,


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