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Parked Domains

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I have a customer that has www.colouredquarters.com and the same in a ca domain.


She has the same email addy for each - here is her question.


I have

to login to both address' paints@colouredquarters.ca and

paints@colouredquarters.com to retrieve messages from either - they don't

come to the same place. Is that normal?


Any ideas or thoughts?





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just wanted to say, apart from TCH staff,

Jikrantz, whoahorse, and many other, people like you are a reason why TCH family is so much concerned about each other, one of my friends told me he never saw such a Lively community, even his support techs didn't answered minor questions for atleast 24-36 Hrs.


I Believe : If i know it, its good to share, when you are a community member and thats the spirit for which i got a Community star award at a fonts forum. (details at my site's main page)


Thanks for being part of MY Family :D

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