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Before I get into this: This is a general question posted to other tech savvy people, not a question specifically geared towards hosting on TCH.


One of the actors has an 8 megabytes large WMV video file that's streamed from her website. A 5 minute acting reel.


I checked the site for her webhost, and they have some custom solutions concerning streaming and bandwidth.


I was very impressed with the video and the setup.


But I'm curious. Considering she would probably normally get few visitors per day. Let's say she got 20 per day. I have no idea how many, but it's as fair an estimate as anything.


How much stress would it cause on the average server if each of those visitors view that video? I doubt all of them would, and I also guess there would be traffic spikes followed by relative inactivity.


I'm just trying to gauge what's involved, if other actors ask me about this - in general.


Also, say one of the actors like my site and want to put hers on TCH, and also wants to have a reel like this actor, what would you guys say to that? Should I discourage that and send them looking for another webhost?

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8MB in 5 minutes...


Thats about 300kbps.


Looking at the extreme case of 20 visitiors AT THE SAME TIME:


The server would probably be fine with 20 visitors, but that is a lot of bandwidth: about 6mbps. I'm not sure if the network could send it out that fast. The viewers may not get smooth video.

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