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Which Site Submission Tool 2 Use


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I don't think there's any reason not to manually submit to as many search engines as desired or possible, other than the fact that it's very time consuming. Most engines have a "submit your site" link on their home page and many are (or were when I did it) free. Once the information is provided, they guarantee to spider your page within a certain amount of time, usually one to ten days if I'm remembering correctly. Also, some of the engines are 'related' (in terms of ownership or by contractual arrangement) to one another, so one submission takes care of several search engines at once. This cuts down, a little, on the time, but it is still a tremendous task. As noted above, this will only index you... it will not improve your ranking.


Just my $0.02... I'm certainly no "SEO Expert."

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A link shows that it's a real site visited by real people and it's important enough that another site links to it. A submitted site could be complete trash so the engines prefer finding sites via links.


Also, submission guarantees nothing. Maybe they'll send a spider there when it gets time but so would a link from other sites.


Links from other sites builds your site's reputation for the search engine and helps others have more ways to find you.


Nothing you put on a "Submit your site" will help the engines with relevance or keywords or any of that. A search engine will only go by what it sees on your pages so if you submit a site about pumpkins and say that it's the foremost authority on political rhetoric the search engines will list it as a pumpkin page.


Directories are different than search engines which send out spiders to find stuff. A directory should be submitted to, especially a smaller one that has no budget for spider programming.

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I concur that it is best to submit manually. Actually automated submission programs are discouraged by most directories and search engines.


As to which ones to submit too, I have created a list which I feel are the most important with direct links to each site.


Search Engines and Directories (the important ones)


Remember when submitting have an ideal description. What is ideal? Well I would have your number one Keyword Phrase the very first words. In addition, I would not have too many words which would dilute the importance of the words you do use. If geography is important be sure to add a location reference (e.g. Sourther Florida and/or Key West).


Good luck.

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