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Installing 'mega Upload'

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Ok.. I'm really close to giving up on this one. I've been trying to install what supposedly is a simple script to install for the past 3 hours. It uses a combination of Perl and PHP to show a progress bar during a file upload.


The files are being created in the temp directory that I set, but they are not being copied/moved after the upload is complete.


I have a strong feeling that the CGI script can't POST form data back to the PHP script. Because I check $_FILES['file'], and 'tmp_name' and they are blank.


The progress bar works perfect. If I could only get the rest of the script to work.


Anybody have experience with this script? Or anybody willing to give it a shot at trying to install it on TCH? Takes about 2 minutes to set it up. LOL


I've checked cPanel and I'm pretty sure we have all the required Perl Modules. (CGI, Fcntl and File)


You can find the script at http://www.raditha.com/php/progress.php


Thanks in advance,


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HA! Well, if I'd listen to the author...


Special Notes.


Version 1.4x is still new though 1.35 is very stable. This version may have

race conditions, which may result in the loss of uploaded files.


I'm always trying to use the newest version of anything.. :blink:


It works without a hitch in 1.35.


Big thanks to TCH-Robert and dsdemmin because I think they were trying to help me.


Here is a link to 1.35 if your still interested in this script.




/smacks self for not trying the 'stable' version before asking for help at TCH.

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Thanks Don. I actually had tried that program first before setting out on my journey installing mega upload. It has an upload limit of 500k so it won't work very good for my purposes. (I'm having admin users upload clients flash (*.FLA) sites to our server. And they can be up to 10 megs.)


I managed to get the 1.35 version of Mega Upload to work with no problems at all. I guess in the most recent 'experimental' version (1.42) the script doesn't POST back data to the PHP script. It instead sends GET variables, but mean time PHP deletes the temporary uploaded POST data.. lol


It's actually a very nice script and I plan on upgrading my other scripts that have upload functions to include this nice script. It has the potential to be high on resources so I'll be taking that into consideration when implementing it of course.


I searched google for probably a half hour and had tried the java applet before deciding to go with the complicated Perl/PHP solution. But in the end it was worth it. :)




note to self: change "Kbps" to "kB/sec"..

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your welcome.. Happy to hear you like it. :)


Make sure to look over the sourceForge fourms for this script. It gets really tricky after you process the upload and try to do a header redirect, sessions, or cookies. It's worth it though.. lol



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