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Audio Streaming Suggestions


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I've been approached by a client who owns a record label and wants to include streaming previews of tracks (totally legal).


It's obviously not practical to use audio streaming in a shared hosting environment - that's fine, but I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend some "standalone" streaming host/provider/service?


The site itself would still be with TCH.


I've not gone into much detail with the client as yet, but I'm assuming that we'd be talking about maybe 30 or 40 streaming clips of around 3-4 minutes each.


All suggestions appreciated :lol:





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If you don't have too many people downloading the clips at once, then you can use your disk space and bandwidth from TCH. MP3 files and wma files can be made to automatically stream when their link is clicked on. That's what I do.


I don't know how many simultanuous visitors it would take listening to the clips to overload the servers. I wish I did though.

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