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Weird Browser Addons


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I found quite a collection of seldom seen browser addons in the grep of TCH visitors:



Avant Browser [avantbrowser.com]; MyIE2; Crazy Browser 1.0.5


Few IE, logically enough.


I'm just curious to hear who's using browser addons, and why?

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I use Crazy Browser primarily because of the Tabbed feature and the ability to have Groups. I click on the browser link and it opens the Forums, Help Desk, DNS Stuff, SamSpade, Monitoring Page, and a couple of other sites I use here. I can also easily open my News group with pages to check, or my School group with several pages I want to check regularly. I've tried others but I am too used to CB to change.

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I am a anything goes. lol.


I use Keyboard Express for all my fast typing needs.

I use Nojoks for my tournament needs.

I use MSN Messenger Plus! For my messenger Automation/upkeep/logging needs.

And just have a very big group of browsers in my menu. lol, but since I found out about it, after I reformat this Monday, I will also try Crazy Browser. :angry:




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I use CTRL-T to add new tabs in Firefox. However, I also generally have more than one Firefox window open at a time because I try to keep like-minded topics in one window (e.g., web development stuff in one browser window, my various email accounts in another, etc.) I use ALT-tab to switch focus between the different browser windows. So I guess you could call me a CTRL-T / ALT-tab hybrid kind of person.


When I used to use IE, I had several add-ons ... Google toolbar, Yahoo companion, mapquest address bar. Mostly I used Google to suppress pop-ups and Yahoo to access my mail. But now with Firefox, I don't need any of those. It's very nice having such a clean, efficient browser as Firefox. I won't be going back to IE except to test newly developed pages to see how they look in IE.

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