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Virtual Network Computing

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You can download WinVNC and read about it here


I've been using it for a couple of years now, it's an absolutely awesome

local network tool.


It places an icon in the systray (windows) to keep it from being used as a spy program.


The greatest feature is cross platform functionality though, let's you use a windows box to monitor and X desktop or mac or vice-versa.


not so great for internet use, but great to manage a 10Mbps + local network.

completely free. pretty decent support.

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Good post!


FYI ... to all: VNC was developed by AT&T's Cambridge group. It is not intrusive, and is a very well behaved app, IMO. Think of it as a low-end PC Anywhere type of product! And, since it is also open source, there are other groups who have added to VNC. (BTW, I refuse to install PC Anywhere on a system, but that's for another user forum!)


For example, I have been successfully using TightVNC for nearly two years. You can also read how TightVNC differs from other VNC products by clicking here.



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