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1. URL: http://www.deltacs99.com.


2. Site Name: Delta Consulting Services.


3. Brief Description: Delta Consulting Services, is a full-service valuation, appraisal and financial consulting firm that is built on the 80 years of experience of its three founders.


4. The link back to TCH has been added to every page, on the bottom.


5. Rank Evaluation (Please)

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Rank Eval:

Your main page has very little on it for the search engines to go by. Without a moderate amount of content a spider would not be able to classify your site.


Also, you have a lot of keywords. If Delta Consulting Services is well known enough that people would be looking for it by name then use it. Otherwise focus more on what it is than who it is. What I mean is, choose a few keyword phrases such as "valuation consulting" or "intangible asset valuations" and focus on those. Words like "interest" won't get you very far in search engines because there are tons of sites that fit that term.


You will also need links from other sites if you want to rank well on Google. Other search engines don't weigh them as heavily but most of them do consider it so it will help to have links for them too.


Even on the main.html page there is a lot of scripting which should be moved to external files if possible. The use of your keyword phrases is important. Put them in a Title here and a Header there but only where it makes sense. Your title is the name of your company and while that may be what you'd expect to see, its not the best way to draw traffic. Remember, people will look for your services usually and not the name of your company so help them find you by making your title something like "Valuation Consultants - Delta Consulting Services".

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