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Low Ping

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I've taken to checking out ping times of different hosts. I thought my old host was OK, but since then I haven't found anyone better than TCH.


Sites it's easy to compare with bomb completely by comparison.


Bear in mind that I'm in Norway, and that the issue of which sites have better ping times are related to not just how good the datacenter or the machines are, but how good the routing from my ISP is.


TCH (which is on a different datacenter), had a ping average of around 135 today, but the tenth failed.

My site averaged around 142-143 - which is about the usual

My other site on anhosting/midphase was extremely good today. It's usually much worse (up to 180): 152

My old host: 169

Google.com: 203

Someone I know who's on worldnic, usually right under 200, but today: 169


Looks like there's a light load during the middle of the night in the US. The differences are much wilder when the net is roaring at full speed.


So, let's just say I'm impressed with TCH!

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