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Using Google Adwords

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I have a bunch of pages that I can not put Google Adwords on because it will rob me of business. You know, it's like my charter fishing pages - the ads Google serves up are for charter fishing boats which is exactly what I don't want on my site.


I read an article and applied a bit of my own resourcefullness to it and came up with this usage for Adwords:


Again using my charter fishing site for the example. The captain is all about fishing and doesn't do dive trips to the reef or snorkeling trips. What I did was to create a page that says nothing about fishing... it focuses on the great reef diving we have, many snorkeling adventures, etc. It also says that we do not do these kinds of trips but the ads "over there" will help you find a great boat for that.



1. Goodwill from the customers. If they have a friend looking to fish they may recommend us.


2. Goodwill from the other businesses in the area. If someone walks in looking to fish they may also recommend us.


3. Adwords revenue - there is a percentage of the dive boat's advertising dollar coming back to us so we can offset the cost of our own adword campaign.


4. We become a step closer to being an authority in the search engine's eyes. They really like sites that are authorities because the searchers can find what they want quicker.


The next time you are looking at your site, think about something you don't do and design a page optimized for that activity or service and add some advertisements there to bring in a few dollars for your own advertising campaign.


Above all, make sure it makes sense to talk about it! It would be totally stupid if this site says "Oh yeah, we don't do computer programming either!"


The platinum rule of website design and SEO is "If it makes sense to your visitors it's ok... if not then don't do it." (I just made that up so don't look for any quotes of it... yet.)



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Hehe, just to put a comment here,


If you do not want the ads to show up the same as the content of your page.


Make an IFrame, and draw the adwords from the other page you where speaking about.


And be sure you have the framed feature on in your adwords cPanel. :D

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