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:fail: No Longer Works In Forwarders

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I found a thread about this:




Today, not only did I get funky error messages, but mail didn't even go through until I filed a help desk ticket!

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Oh, I should say in response to the thread over there: There are addresses I can NOT blackhole. For instance my personal mail address until about a month ago. People still e-mail me, and would get mighty angry with me if I didn't answer. They wouldn't figure out it was retired, because some of them simply don't check my website unless they have to.

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Main difference: TCH servers will no longer accept mails to failed addresses. The bounces are sent by the SMTP server trying to deliver to TCH.


In the past the bounce would be sent by TCH's mail server, with the custom fail message.


There's a performance benefit to the receiving server in this, as I understand it. At the same time, where are the bounces sent when the sending address is nonexistent?

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