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Log Rolled Over One Day Early?

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It's been happening on Anhosting, and now it happened here. The logs roll over the 30th of the month. Wouldn't it be easier to set it to roll over a few minutes into the 1st of the month?


On my server here on TCH, the log rolled over immediately before 30/May/2004:16:35:06

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Hi Annie,


We could not manage to do every single account we host at exactly the same time - the load on the server would not be sensible :)


Also, even if we could, it may not be midnight in your time zone - for example, I'm in the UK, and 5 to 8 hours ahead of the USA.


In reality we tend to schedule it during quiet times on the server. However, not of your log data is lost, and so you can download it all to your own computer and you have a complete set of data - to split over months however you want to.

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As long as all of it is intact, it's OK.


That's unfortunately not the case at anhosting.


And... when midnight is in my time zone is completely irrelevant, since the server's time zone won't be affected by that.

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Turns out that I'm missing part of the log.


For some reason, the logs rolled over an additional time.


First the time you guys problably set it to roll over: During the 30th of the month.


But then it rolls over again!


This time immediately before or on May 31 at 16:50


This is not good, guys!


As it is, I'm only missing a a few hours because I had cron jobs set up, but I would have been missing a WHOLE DAY if I hadn't!


Please investigate why that happens, and make sure we DO get all the logs.

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