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It's About Time


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"It's About Time" is the new track released by none other than the greatest rock band in the world, Van Halen. It just hit the radio yesterday. I highly suggest you go out and find a way to listen to it, as it is great. The greatest piece of music to hit the airwaves in 8 years... Better than anything made today!


Must add that Sammy Hagar is fronting VH again. Good stuff! Better than that loon Roth... :ph34r:

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Better than anything made today!

Oh. Van Halen.


For a moment, I thought you were talking about Sergei Prokofiev. (Listen to "Romance" sometime; now, that's music.)


As for music made in recent decades, I think even there Van Halen might have a bit of competition. Sting comes immediately to mind, as the most literate lyricist of the modern age, both solo and with the Police. Certain claims could also be advanced for, among many others, the Fixx, Peter Gabriel, Enya, Men at Work, the Cars, Madonna, Genesis and Joe Jackson. And that's without even leaving the eighties.

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