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Setting Up Cron Jobs

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Hello all-


Was wondering if anyone could help me set up the code in CPanel for a cron job.


I want to run a PHP script every Sunday at 4 am. I have no clue how to set this up. Thanks!!!



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Now, how about a mySQL database backup each day??? at , say 4 am also??


I know you can manually backup the mySQL database from CPanel, but how do you put it into cron jobs?


Maybe this is answered in another thread?

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OK, this is a bit tangential to the topic at hand, but ...


What exactly is a cronjob?


I'm sure its some sort of automated tasking procedure, but what'd I'd like to know is what they are typically used for. I'm sure there's stuff I do manually that could be handled via cronjob.

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The definition for cron: The cron command is the clock daemon that executes commands at specified dates and times.


Allows execution of commands without user intervention. Similar to the task manager in Windows.

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This has been asked a thousand times but i dont get it when reading those posts.


I have understood (i think) that it would it be possible to set up a cron job to have server do a backup of my site.


Lets say my username for server is newbie and i want the backup at 4am servertime, how do i do it?


I see Bruce´s picture-example above, but can someone please tell me exactly (kindergarden-level) how i make this php script and what to type in to the command line?


Please please please wonderful people :ph34r:

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