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I have had many requests to have Coffee Cups or Tee-Shirts made with the company logo and a catch phrase. I thought it was kinda of a nifty thing to do, so -


In the next coming weeks we will be offering for sale many "Branded" Merchandise.


Some of the really cool stuff will include...





License Plates




Ok so all TCH Family Members lets choose a Charity.


Any suggestions ?

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My annual contributions go to:


Make A Wish Foundation

Ronald McDonald House Charities

American Heart Association

Habitat for Humanity

The American Red Cross

The United Way (Where the monies would be divided among many deserving charities.)



Bill, I don't envy you having to choose the destination for this money.

I am more proud each day to be associated with this family.


:P Lianna

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TCH (Bill Kish et. al.), you are simply good people. Thank you, seriously... THANK YOU.


Regarding the charity of choice, before my wife and I ever give to any charity, we always check them out first. This all started many years ago when our daughter began selling Girl Scout Cookies and I found that the actual dollar amount that went to the Girl Scouts was minimal.


There are several sources on-line for such evaluation. Here is one .


I list the percent of its total budget a charity spends on the programs and services it exists to deliver for the ones mentioned thus far (there are other criteria used in evaluation, but this is the one I consider most important).


76.7% Make A Wish Foundation

91.4% Ronald McDonald House Charities

72.5% American Heart Association

75.8% Habitat for Humanity

90.4% The American Red Cross

75.8% Habitat for Humanity

93.1% Food for the Poor

67.7% Covenant House

87.1% Feed The Children

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Wow. I'm amazed at the difference in how much $ goes (or does not go) to the purposes of the charity.


Given that, I'd vote for the ones with the high percentages.

Ronald House

Food for the Poor

Red Cross


Too bad about Habitat. I've always liked what they do.

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Well, going a bit away from the trend here, I vote for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).


After following this link, I was very disturbed at the way animals are treated.


Check out the link below:


Cruility to animals hidden video


As a pet owner, one 7 years old dog, and 2 new puppies, it breaks my heart to see how cruel people, and companies, can be to animals.


My pets are part of my family...and they are treated as such. I feel sorry for the animals who do not have anyone who cares about them.

My 7 year old dog was dumped when she was a puppy, and I got her out of the want ads by someone who was fixing to take her to the pound if someone didn't want her.


I dare to say, she has more sense than the person who dumped her. She knows what I say, is very smart, and shows loyalty. They just didn't know

what they had, or they would not have dumped her. The two puppies are just as smart....and I would do anything, and spend any amount of money that I need to, to make them healthy, and live a comfortable and happy life.


I guess I kinda wandered off topic, but in response to borfast's post, I agree....we need to stop the cruelty to animals any way we can, and I vote for PETA.



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I like the Ronald Mcdonald House charity, although I have a friend whos 2 year old daught had to have surgery on her foot at the shriners hospital and I learned about how Shriners really helps the kids and I always donate money to them. They do SOO much for kids..


I know of a family that has to leave their daughter at the hospital for weeks at a time by herslef because they live 4 hours away. Shriners pays for her family to come visit her and also for her to stay there in the hospital.


Here is a link if people want more information. http://www.shrinershq.org/

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