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W3c Css Validator


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Can someone please tell me what in the world this error message means? (see the attached .jpg image) When I validated my MT blog's CSS earlier this morning, it was fine. Now I get this strange message from W3C.


It makes me want to scream! Mad!!!


I can provide CSS source and HTML source if you need it to understand what's going on...




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To add to the craziness, here's another bit of info for you...


The previous error was generated by trying to validate the CSS on the URI http://www.doggydiaries.pudgypuppy.com/.


If I go back to the W3C CSS Validator, http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/, and enter just the URI for the style sheet, http://www.doggydiaries.pudgypuppy.com/styles-site.css, then it validates perfectly!


What gives?!?

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Did you do this

Note: If you want to validate your CSS style sheet embedded in an (X)HTML document, you should first check that the (X)HTML you use is valid.
first? It looks like the CSS itself is ok but the page itself is not Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.


If I am reading it right.

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Rob, you were so right. The XHTML wouldn't validate because of some problems with a couple of comments I had left in the code and a symbol that the XML parser didn't understand (an ellipsis "..." had gotten transformed into a compressed, single-character-encoded ellipsis "…" by some automated feature in one of my coding prorams. Don't ask me how! I've never seen that happen before.)


Also, I learned for the first time that the XML parser won't let you use the "--" combination in a comment. So this is OK...

><!-- Here's a good comment. -->

But this is not...

><!-- Here's another comment ------ but this one is not cool. -->


Ah, the joys of creating clean, valide code! Sometimes ya just gotta learn to read what the validator is telling you.


Thanks for catching that one!

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