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How To Get Into A New Account's Cpanel


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Hey everybody,


One of my clients just signed up for a new TCH account yesterday (courtesy of a referral from moi!).


He wants me to transfer his files over to his new web space. His account has been set up and he's received his welcome email with his cPanel username and password. Problem is, I've been trying to access his cPanel using the info in the welcome email, and I can't get in.


I can see his account if I access his space via h*tp://server70.totalchoicehosting.com/~his_cPanel_username/


That's when I checked the name servers associated with his domain and saw that he hasn't yet set them over to NS1.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM and NS2.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM.


Until the name servers are properly set, is there any other way to transfer files to his web space?

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Thanks for the info. Here's what the welcome mail says...


FTP Instructions:



You can begin uploading your files at:



or before domain name propagation


When I enter the URL given (, I get a cPanel web page that says "There is no web site configured at this address."


If I enter the following:

I receive a 404 Not Found error message.

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You are correct. I had a typo when I tried it...


I used


instead of


Silly me!


Sorry for the stupid question! (OK, ya'll can whip me with a wet noodle now! :) )

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