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Hey gang,


I need to apologize for my actions the past few days. I may have treated some of you with less than optimal respect and attitude. I have not been feeling well the past few days and have been on edge because of it. Sick and Scottish is like drunk and Scottish, fight anything that moves unless it is sheep, thats another story though.


Not really an excuse, just felt the need to explain myself and let those of you who have had more crap from me than normal know that I am sorry.

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Not having been around in a few days, I think I see what you are talking about.

I was floored to an extent by what I saw, but I understand both sides of the coin.


I do hope you get to feeling better. Knowing that you jsut got a new job, it has got to be tough. You cannot afford to take off to get well for fear of tarnishing what little image you have made for yourself at the new company.


Get better Rob.

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Fortunately it is my day off but I have already missed a bit of time because of this. Lucky me, I just put a new radiator in my car by myself today so I can make it another summer here in wonderful Phoenix.


I think I will shut the somputer off for a day and see what "real life" has to offer. See you all tomorrow.

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