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Parent Directory        20-May-2004 19:59      - 

_private/               18-May-2004 19:55      - 

cgi-bin/                20-May-2004 19:58      - 

images/                 18-May-2004 19:55      - 

postinfo.html           18-May-2004 19:55     2k 





Apache/1.3.29 Server at www.nelsonstack.com Port 80


even after control f5.



edit: and on two different machines on the network.

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Its just my opinion, but if I see it,

how can there be a problem with the site?


Maybe someone else here can post what they see

or give you ideas.


How long has the site been up?


and did you see it as www.nelsonstack.com before.

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Thank you all for your answers.


When I was accessing the site, It was from my work computers.


At work, we have about 200 client machines pointed to a proxy server. So each one was going through the proxy. For some reason or another, my proxy software refused to refresh the new pages I uploaded. It kept feeding the old ones through the servers cache to me, no matter how I tried to refresh it. Thats why I couldn't see it.


Once I got onto a different computer it was fine.


Thanks guys.

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