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Problem With E-mail Account

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Here is my problem:

I have several e-mail accounts setup on a site, they all work fine except for one - this morning one of the accounts bacame unaccessable - can't access remotly or via Webmail - it just hangs and no error messages either. I deleted the account and then set it up again with the same name and it still doesn't work, while other accounts work fine.


any thoughts?


ps. I tried to open a help desk ticket but can't logon - is there a way to set up new help desk account?



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If you cannot get into the help desk, or need additional help, send me an email at tony@totalchoicehosting.com and in that email, let me know what the issue is. Please include the username and login to your site, as well as the usernames and passwords to your email accounts so I can get into them to see what is happening.



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I won't say that it is the best thing to do, however, if they can't get into the help desk, and email to me will get my attention, and it will be a way for them to make known their issue.


At least when they send email to me, I can at least get their support desk login corrected, so they can get to the support desk.


The email accounts at TotalChoice Hosting get hundreds, if not thousands, of emails a day...so emailing me would be a faster way to make contact over a support issue, IF you cannot access the support desk.. It takes hours to go thru all the email that we get daily on the regular email accounts.


If the client has support desk access, then that is where the support issues need to be logged, as we can keep up with the issues, and we can actually log them as open, closed, or on hold.


I guess, in a round about way, emailing me should be the last resort, but if needed, that is what I am here for. :)

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