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Awstats And Firefox

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I noticed that Awstats still counts Firebird (or course at zero). I'm guessing it's trivial to change the configuration files to count Firefox instead?


Do you guys do that or do I?


Another thing is that I've noticed that on my site IE comes in at about 91 percent of users on my site (look in Awstats).


My demographics are general users, probably a little more female than male.


Anyone else with a very different breakdown of browsers?


How are your demographics?

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I actually posted on this very topic on my blog. My traffic - at least currently - is much less tilted towards IE (currently 41.5%) vs Mozilla (at about 32.6%), and Firebird does register (at 0.9%).


I don't, however, know how to change the settings so that Firefox will be detected. I'd also be interested in knowing, however. :(

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Found the conf file for awstats, will take a look.


It's under tmp, awstats, and then the file awstats.domain.com.conf


But there are no options there for changing detection of browsers. I'm guessing that's in a central configuration file on the server. It's outdated. Maybe we should submit a help ticket?


Given that Netscape is losing ground to Firefox these days (at least I hope!), an upgrade there would be a good thing.


I noticed that the stats at awstats at sourceforge, they've updated the stats slightly, it now says:

Firebird (Old FireFox)

and they've also got Firefox in there, yay!


So TCH, upgrade?


Wow, have a look at their browser stats!



Very different than mine!

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The 6.1 version of AWStats (TCH uses 6.0 currently) was just released on Saturday. Since awstats is maintained by the control panel (cPanel creates and maintains all of the individual config files for each site) on our servers, we can't just upgrade AWStats directly... the version that is running is patched to integrate with cPanel. However, I expect cPanel will release an update of AWStats integrated with their package in the near future.

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