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Unable To Use Secure Login At My Cpanel


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Hi all,


For a while now, I've been accessing my cPanel using a secure connection like h*tps://www.pudgypuppy.com/cpanel/


I've noticed that for the past week (maybe longer), my connection to cPanel via https:// is denied. I can only get in now using h*tp://www.pudgypuppy.com/cpanel/

When I try to login using secure connection, I get a pop up window that says

The connection was refused when attempting to contact www.pudgypuppy.com.


Does anyone know what's going on? Has TCH disabled secure login at our cPanels?


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Hm, I just logged into my cPanel using a secure connection. Same as always. I am on Server 50 and all is well. Hm....

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Thanks for the tip. That one works ;)


I wonder why the h*tps://www.pudgypuppy.com/cpanel/ didn't work but h*tps://www.pudgypuppy.com:2083/ does.


Either way, I'm happy to be able to do secure logins to my cpanel once more.


Thank you!

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You are welcome.


To recap,

for secure logins:


from post by Mike Jones, Systems Administrator

As long as it doesn't cause you any problems, I always recommend for people to use SSL. All of the SSL ports are one port above the non-SSL ports.


So instead of http://******:2082/ for cpanel, use https://******:2083/ (remember to add the 's' for https).


For WHM, port 2086 is non-secure, 2087 is secure.


Webmail, port 2095 is non-secure, 2096 is secure.


You will get an error on the certificate if you don't have SSL certificate installed, but just approve the connection anyway.

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