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Moving Phpbb2 From Your Old Host To Tch

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I had this exact problem, and thought I'd post how it worked for me in the hopes it might save some TCHers a bit of messing around. It's actually really simple once you know the steps.


First of all, ftp down all your phpBB2 directories from the old host, and then upload them to TCH.


Then back up the MySQL database on the old host (mine used webmin, not cpanel/phpMyAdmin, but it still worked fine), then import the database using phpMyAdmin on the new host. Create your database first on the new host, then add a user and connect it to the databse. Make a note of the names because they get converted, i.e. if your username is foo, and you make a database or user called foobar, you'll get foo_foobar.


BIG IMPORTANT PART - you MUST open the database backup and look for any line with a bunch of dashes and either remove it, or put a space after the first two dashes, i.e.




-- -------------------


Not sure why this happens, but you need to add the space to turn that line into a commment, which will be ignored, rather than a line of data, which will choke the import.


So, now import your cleaned up data into your new database using phpMyAdmin (open the query window, then hit 'import files').


Now the only thing you should need to do is open your local copy of config.php, open in a text editor, ignore the lines that say "Do not change anything in this file' and edit $dbname, $dbuser (and $dbpassword, if you changed it), to match the new names, and upload to TCH, overwriting the one on the server.


You're done!


PS - I used a very similar procedure to move over my LARGE Movable Type blog with a minimum of fuss. Now just trying to figure out why my mtamazon plugin isn't cooperating.


PPS - this is what worked for me, I take no responsibility whatsoever if you destroy your database, accidentally email your entire pr0n collection to everyone in your address book, or blow yourself up. :P

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I just had a similar issue and restored my forums in the following manner:


1. I copied my entire phpbb directory onto the new server (TotalChoice)

2. I created a new database and username

3. I gave ALL priveleges to the username for the database

4. I modified my config.php file to reflect the new dbhost, dbusername and dbpasswd and uploaded it to the server, overwriting my old config.php file

5. From cPanel I went into mysql account maintenace and loaded phpmyadmin

6. In phpmyadmin I clicked on "databases" (In menu "Show Processes" , "Databases" , "Export" , "Log out". I then clicked on my database name and then the "SQL" tab. I chose to load up a text file by clicking "Browse". This text file was the .sql backup generated by the built-in backup function in phpbb. (My old host did not have phpmyadmin so I was backing up my database using the phpbb backup function in the administration section of phpbb).

7. I connected to my new phpbb site! Everything seems to work great!

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