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Help! Image Uploader Php Script

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I want to install a script to allow users to upload images. I can't seem to make this work right. one of the things the script is asking for is a server path:


//Full server path to the directory that holds the uploader files (MUST contain trailing slash at beginning and end)

//If you are unsure of this, see the read me file

$server_path = " . $server . "/maian_uploader/";


but what I get is this http://www.greatfolios.com/upload/maianuploader.php


I don't get it....

(edit: ThHis works now.)


Thanks in advance!!!


Mr. BIll :Nerd:

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full server path would look something like this




this is assuming you called the folder you placed the files in maian_uploader, if you didnt, you would just replace it with whatever foldername you used,

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